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The Fruit of Joy

THEME: THE FRUIT OF THE SPIRIT .     #FruitoftheSpirit Series
TEXT: GALATIANS 5:22-23; JOHN 15:1- 17;

What is Joy? Joy is a fruit of the Holy Spirit (Gal.5:22). Joy is an emotion, which dwells in the soul, produced by the Holy Spirit, causing us to see the beauty of Jesus, in His Word and His Works.  It is an emotion of #Gladness #Rejoicing #Elation #Bliss #Merriment #Satisfaction #Hope #Delight #Cheerfulness #Refreshment #Solace #Liveliness #Fruition. Lack of the fruit of Joy is however, #Depression #Sadness #Mourning #Discouragement #Sorrow #Misery #Hopelessness

The relationship that exist with the vine, the branches and the fruits helps to understand the importance of bearing fruits as children, sons, friends and disciples of Jesus Christ. Jesus instructs that we “Abide in Me, and I in you” (John 15:4) because,”….without Me, ye can do nothing” (John 15:5). To experience Joy that is eternal, unspeakable, that knows no bounds, an individual must accept Jesus Christ as his Personal LORD and Saviour.  This is a requirement to receiving the HOLY SPIRIT. The benefits of having the HOLY SPIRIT is that HE bears Fruits in the life of the person HE dwells in.


  1. Joy strengthens. Joyful people don’t get weakened because they go from strength to strength – Neh. 8:10;
  2. It makes you an attraction to your world – Zech.8:23;
  3. Joy is not affected by circumstances – Psalm 4:7
  4. Joy is the lubricant of life….No matter the rustiness of life, it helps you sail through life – Hab.3:17-18;
  5. Joy is a settled state of contentment and confidence – John 11:42;
  6. Joy-Full people are Hope-Full; Joy-Less people are Hope-Less. 
  7. Joy-Full people #Think differently
  8. Joy-Full people #Talk differently
  9. Joy-Full people #Act differently
  10. Joy breathes out gratitude, peace, a settled mind.


  1. Joy helps us to access to the presence of GOD and His blessings – Isaiah 12:3;
  2. Joy is a facilitator of our access to revelations – Ps. 16:11;
  3. Joy helps us to enjoy Health and Vitality – Pro. 17:22; Pro. 18:14, Neh. 8:10.
  4. Joy leads to supernatural fruitfulness – Ps. 67:3-7, Hab. 3:17-19
  5. Joy gives hope – Pro.10:28; John 16:33; Heb. 12:2, I Pet.1:8-9
  6. Joy makes all things to work together for our GOD – Isaiah 55:12-13;
  7. Joy gives abundance – John 16:24; Psalm 1:2-3;
  8. Joy helps to enjoy heaven on earth – Rom.14:17; Job 22:21-30
  9. Joy breaks the chains of bondage – Acts 16:25-26


  1. It is a Kingdom requirement for serving the LORD – Deut.28:47
  2. It is a pre-requisite to accessing GOD’s presence – Psalm 100
  3. It is a pre-requisite to receiving your heart’s desires – Psalm 37:4
  4. It is a command – Phil.4:4;


  1. Meditate on the Word of GOD – Psalm 1:2.
  2. Thirst for the Holy Spirit;
  3. Do not grieve the Holy Spirit – Eph.4:30;
  4. Have daily communion with the Holy Spirit;
  5. Sing Songs of Praise to GOD;
  6. Have Faith in GOD concerning every issue of life that you face;
  7. Be kind to someone else;
  8. Give and it will come back to you.


  1. Jesus – John 11:42; Luke 10:21;
  2. Abraham – Rom.4:21-22;
  3. Paul and Silas – Acts 16:25-26;
  4. Joseph – Gen.40:1;
  5. David – Ps.16:11; Ps.118:24;

While the gifts of the Spirit are for the benefit of the church, the fruits of the Spirit are for our individual benefits as children, sons, friends and disciples of Jesus. The fruits of the Spirit are part of our inheritance in Christ, to enjoy heaven on earth. These revelations gives us Hope through Joy that GOD’s promises are for His Children; that when GOD is for US, no one can be against us; that when others are saying there is a casting down, we shall say there is lifting up; that we are beneficiaries of His Blessings; and that we can have access into GOD’s presence; that we can access all things that pertains to life and godliness; and that we can Fulfil our Glorious Destiny in Christ Jesus. To GOD be the GLORY!

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